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Ethical Management

Ethical Management

We depend on ethical management to guide us when making decisions using value judgments in all management activities. We do this to be fair and transparent. Consequently, our management is able to lead by example and our performance across our organizations continuously improves.

We declared our Ethics Charter over 20 years ago in April 2003. Since then, our efforts have increased to put an end to unethical activities and questionable risk-takings by employees and partners. We are conducting activities that are aligned to our Ethics Guideline. To ensure their executions, we have created an independent committee to enforce ethics within our company, systematically and objectively.


Hanwha Solutions operates an Ethical Management Committee chaired by the CEO. The Ethical Management Practice Secretariat supervises the management activities conducted throughout the company. The mission of the Secretariat is to foster ethical management principles by raising awareness among all employees and encouraging activities that promote honest, compassion, fairness and respect at all times.

Key Activities

Hanwha Solutions has an Ethics Guideline that focuses on respecting customers and adhering to the laws and customary commercial practices everywhere we do business. We use our Ethics Guideline as our standard that we follow, to guide us in our decision-making and by which we can be judged by all stakeholders. We promote ethical management by sending out corporate-wide notices and text messages on standards of behaviors and ethics.

Our Credo

  1. 01 Respect customers’ opinions at all times. Strive to gain their trust with actions that exceed expectations.
  2. 02 Adhere to all laws and regulations. Respect international customs for commercial transactions and pursue fair competition
    everywhere we do business.
  3. 03 Develop and maintain a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with partners through transparency and fair practice.
  4. 04 Do not abuse a position of power and through influence, engage in conduct that is illegal or would prevent, reduce, or limit competition.
    Do not accept bribes in the form of money, valuables, gifts, entertainment and/or travel accommodation from partners.
  5. 05 Maintain strict confidentiality so that no private customer information is disclosed to anyone outside the company
    while limiting its access even further within the company to only need-to-know personnel.
  6. 06 Do not use the company’s properties or funds for personal use.
  7. 07 Cash loans, standing surety and exchanging gifts between employees are prohibited.
  8. 08 Do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ethnicity, nationality, education, age, gender, religion, family, sexual orientation,
    associations, or any non-merit factor. Strive for a productive working & life balance with mutual respect.
  9. 09 Actively participate in social and community service activities.
  10. 10 Always strive to develop eco-friendly products and services. Prevent accidents through strict safety checks and management.

Ethical Management HOTLINE

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ethical management involving employees of Hanwha Solutions and its affiliated companies, as well as customers and other stakeholders, or if you have suffered damages due to illegal or unfair actions by our employees, please use the email below to contact us.
The email will be directly delivered to the Ethical Management Office, and we will promptly investigate the facts and take necessary actions in accordance with laws and regulations. We will respond to you through the preferred channel after the investigation.

01 Consultation and Reporting Content:

  • Unethical behavior, misconduct, bribery, or other violations of ethical norms by our employees
  • Reports of human rights violations and other suggestions/reports related to ethical management

02 Ethical Management Office

Hanwha building 21, 22F, 86 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea