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Sustainable solutions to advance the world
Sustaining the world for the future through chemistry
Charging the world with solar power
Shaping the future with advanced science and technologies
Innovations that accelate green energy to change the world
Building foundations, investing in the future
Better things for better lifestyle, crafted for happiness and fulfillment
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We push the boundaries of what’s possible
and develop customer-centric solutions to
lead the way to a sustainable future.

Since its founding in 1965, Chemical division has improved the quality of
life globally by developing creative,
competitive, and innovative technology and has helped
Korea mature into a leader in the global petrochemical industry.


We provide affordable and
Raising the quality of our lives
through clean energy
a sustainable future for the planet.

Q CELLS Division is a global provider of complete energy solutions.
We are actively pursuing businesses in major global markets by not only producing solar cells and
modules in the midstream sector, but also securing downstream value chains,
which includes renewable energy power plant development, construction,
and operation as well as energy retail service.

Advanced Materials

As a global leader with advanced
lightweight composites and film materials,
we’re developing sustainable solutions
that make the world a better place.

Advanced Materials division has an innovative lineup of products and technology in the fields of
lightweight composite materials, photovoltaic materials, and electronic materials.
It has established local production and R&D centers in North America, Europe, China, and Korea.
Such connections have enabled Advanced Materials division to expand its partnership with various global partners.


No.1 Premium Contents Producer

As a ‘Premium Contents Producer’ we offer differentiated customer experiences with
leading trends of fashion and F&B contents,
and deliver the highest value with the new platforms and services.


A leading company of development that
continuously creates new future value
to improve the industry and our life.

Insight division is a total development solution company that
providing new business models to create new values through planning, developing, operating & maintaining
and financing primarily in renewables and premium development businesses.

Global Network

The head office, which is located in Seoul, Korea, plays a crucial
role in managing Hanwha Solutions global network.
Hanwha Solutions aspires to expand its global network to
proactively respond to changes in the global market.